Bachelor of Science

At the Faculty of Basic Sciences you can choose between five degree programs in engineering education, all of which lead to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree:

EIP Engineering Education: Electrical Engineering-Information Technology

FMP Engineering Education:  Automotive Engineering-Mechanical Engineering

IEP Engineering Education:  Information Technology-Electrical Engineering

MAP Engineering Education:  Mechanical Engineering-Automation Technology

VMP Engineering Education:  Building Services-Mechanical Engineering


The Bachelor's degree programs in Engineering Education include a complete engineering training with an additional teaching qualification. The contents are similar to the modules taught in the general engineering degree programs of the relevant discipline.

During the Bachelor's degree program, you undertake two practical placements in schools. There you can get to know the day-to-day school routines and assess your suitability for the teaching profession. The practical semester in the 5th semester is undertaken in an industrial company and thus you will have the chance to gain an insight into the work of a engineer.

With this background it is clear that as a successful graduate you will have many opportunities open to you. The polyvalency of the degree courses means that you have chosen an extremely attractive degree progam with great future relevance. Your high degree of flexibility will enable you to choose a profession to suit your requirements and talents exactly. You decide whether you would prefer to become a science teacher in a vocational training college or perhaps work in an industrial company.

Even after a number of years of professional industrial experience you can still start a Master's degree program in Theory of Education/Engineering Sciences and prepare to meet the new challenges of the profession of scientific teacher at a vocational training college. The Master's degree additionally allows you to enrol for a doctoral program and thus enter a scientific career.